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Villian File: Grom

Grom is a freelance starfighter pilot for Genetech security. Considered short for a Gorvan Hornasi at 1.9m tall ( a dwarf in their view, but then they can’t fit into a starfighter, can they?), he's a bastard, through and through. Arrogant and bloodthirsty, Grom is supremely confident in his abilities and denigrates everyone else’s constantly. He's the type who’ll strafe escape pods and native populations for fun.He believes his fighter, a modified Z-95 fighter he calls "The Hunting Hokami” is better than everyone else’s is after the company modified it for him. While working with Quin, he'd twit Quinn mercilessly. He constantly goes on about how good he is and his kill record. In combat, he kills everything. If civilians get in the way, well, the company can compensate their families as far as he's concerned.

Grom worked with Quin on several small assignments for Genetech. The two never got along and were frequently close to blows due to Grom's constant verbal sniping. When the team was assigned to help recover a Genetech facility in orbit above Joralla, the Genetech fighter team encountered the heroes in control of the station. (Convergence Part II) The heroes destroyed the Genetech fighters and their carrier, except Quin and Grom. Grom escaped into hyperspace, leaving Quin to come to an arrangement with the heroes.

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Adventure File: The Belt

After escaping from Ord Lons Delta with a caseload of credits from the buried bank, Tagen directs the group to a black market installation- The Belt.

The Belt is a asteroid located in one of the great asteroid fields of the sector. The astreroid is honeycombed with tunnels and hangars and various ship parts grafted onto the surface. It functions as a safe port for the fringe in a radius of three sectors. Black market, sanctuary, layover and relaxation spot for scoundrels everywhere.

The heroes land the ship on the Belt with the intent of spending some of their loot. Over the next two days, they purchase ship upgrades, weapons (Kendar buys a massive power armour combat suit) and enjoy themselves. Tagen Sable says goodbye to the group after purchasing his own ship, a kazelis class freighter. He wants to go and explore a bit, take some time off to recover from being a slave. Adventure is not far off, as they encounter a former Imperial Customers inspector who they chase halfway across the facility before learning about her "former" status. Menaxys takes part in a pit-fight to the death against an aqualish, winning his bet on himself several times over. Rictor Sable is delivered a message claiming to be from his long-lost sister, with appropriatly confidential information to verify her identity. The message requests a meeting- alone- in a deserted hangar. Rictor decides to go. Kendar is dragged into a turbolift by an armoured bounty hunter, but when menaxys catches up to him a few levels later, he seems unharmed. (How strange and inexplicable. Kendar claimed to have fought the BH off.) Rictor finds that the hangar is a cunning trap by a Farghul bounty hunter and is captured. The Farghul reveals that he used glitterstim while in Sable's presence, giving him the temporary ability to react telepathically and skim sable's mind. A few provocative gambits in conversation ("And here's to all our loved ones, present and absent, wherever they may be!") and he was able to get the idea and information needed to imporsonate a message from Sable's sister. Rictor is bundled up and the Farghul starts to take him to his ship in another hangar.

Outside the asteroid field, an Imperial strike force gathers. The lawless fringers have defied the Empire's law with their black market for too long. The navy feels the need to flex its muscles. The force starts to move into position.....

On the Belt, the heroes discover Sable's absence and set about finding him. They discover the Farghul's plot and begin the pursue in an attempt to head him off at the hangar. About that time, the facility comes under attack from the Empire. Imperial Naval troopers board and previously inserted special forces reveal themselves. The fighting begins. The heroes confront the Farghul in the main hangar of the belt and manage to rescue Rictor and evade the heavy fire from Zero-G stromtroopers entering the hangar.

The Belt is dying as the heroes fight their way to the Skystar, fringer ships desperately attempt escape, some fleeing and others fighting along the way. At the Skystar, the group escapes the assault with a full load of refugees including the sivivreni techs who were working on the ship installing a second turret. The Imperials capture a large number of fringers, including the Farghul.
Adventure File: Separate Paths

The story of OP-I and Menaxys

With your unit’s disgrace, you were assigned to crate busting on a Gallofree transport (clamshell). On your first run, you were to rendezvous with a friendly freighter above the remote Joralla system and take on their cargo. You were transferring the crates across the space between the two vessels when yours blew up spectacularly, catching you in the open and throwing you away from the wreckage. The other ship was smashed and started tumbling towards the planet. Escape pods fired from it and dived for the planet.

With Menaxys in a vacsuit (with an hour’s worth of air) and OP-I reliant on the occasional recharge, to stay in space was death. The only option: dive for the tumbling wreck and hope there was another escape pod to help you reenter safely! There was only one try: if you missed, you’d reenter the hard way. OP-I only had so much rocket fuel to burn, as well. You dived for the wreck as the temperature started to rise and barely intercepted the wreck as it was starting to break up. Landing roughly on the burning hull with 3 seconds of rocket fuel remaining, you gained access to a rent in the hull widened by Menaxys’ strength. Menaxys suit was punctured repeatedly as you frantically searched the disintegrating hull. Finding a pod, last second repairs were made as you fired off into the atmosphere just as the hull burned up.

Upon opening the pod on the surface, you found yourself on Joralla, bathed in the light of the red sun. A jungle world, Joralla is generally off limits to the rest of the galaxy. Off limits due to it’s psychopathic native race, the Tikiarri.

In the distance above the jungle canopy you could see a plume of smoke and OP-I received an automatic beacon from the same source. You set off across the jungle in search of the other survivors. Another issue presented itself in that OP-I would have to get a power recharge in about a week. Without it, he would simply shut down, so finding a power source was determined to be a priority. Menaxys on the other hand was in a savage environment filled with hostile organisms and unceasing danger. His jaw muscles hurt from smiling so much.

The beacon terminated before you arrived. When you arrived, you found the pod utterly smashed and just a few scraps of cloth and blood to show the fate of the unlucky survivors. Dozens of the Tikiarri birdmen attacked from the sky raining down spears and rocks on you. A few had blasters. OP-I mowed them out of the sky with his cannon while Menaxys tore apart those that flew too low or dared attack on the ground. Changing tactics, the Tikiarri stampeded six-legged native beasts upon the pair and attacked in the middle of the melee. OP-I took a smashing blow in the middle of the combat, rupturing his power cell. After the Tikiarri were again driven off, a quick diagnostic determined that the cell would expire in about five hours, even less every time the blaster cannon was used. Self-repair was determined to be impossible as a human giving himself open-heart surgery with a multitool. A power source had to be found or OP-I would shut down permanently. It certainly wasn’t likely that the Tikiarri would leave you alone that long.

Scanning for Comm frequencies, OP-I picked up and intermittent beacon. The signal was weak and distance hard to determine, but it was the only game in town. Suffering harassment every step of the way, you raced through the jungle over trees, chasms and mud. You eventually came to a great chasm and quickly felled a tree to give yourself a path over. As you slowly made your way over, hundreds of Tikiarri filled the sky to attack you. OP-I expended a few draining blaster cannon shots on them when another swarm rose from the opposite side and tore into the first swarm. You made it to the other side as the fratricidal war raged in the sky above you.

The timer inside OP-I kept ticking down as the estimated on-line time was repeatedly revised downwards. The signal was getting stronger, offering some hope. No one answered your Comm calls back. The jungles were alive around you as you raced to what was surely salvation or the cruelest of false hopes. It became apparent that an increasingly large force of Tikiarri was stalking you. The jungle was filled with their calls (and their cries whenever one came in range of Menaxys’ throwing arm).

With 20 minutes left to go on OP-I’s internal count, you still hadn’t arrived at the signal source, even although you’d determined that it was close. At that point, the Tikiarri unleashed their armies of beasts in an unstoppable wall of a stampede behind you. Fleeing through the brush, you broke into a clearing that had to be the source of the signal. Technological debris everywhere, human remains, months old. A destroyed camp of some sort. The signal still came from a cavern in a nearby hill. The sky filled with the Tikiarri again from several directions and tribal warfare broke out as others attacked you, running before the stampede. Blood and dead Tikiarri rained upon you as you gained the relative safety of the cavern. After firing another four shots, OP-I had maybe five minutes before power-down. In the jungle environment, his circuits would rapidly corrode… At the end of the corridor was a pre-fab storage module. The source of the signal. Human bones littered the scene. A last stand perhaps? Or the refuge of those trying to flee? The control panel had been shattered. OP-I hot-wired it like his life depended on it (it did), while Menaxys held of the Tikiarri who were pursuing. Gaining access to the module, you found a small orbital shuttle, just big enough for three. OP-I gained access and plugged himself into the power mains within seconds of his own demise. Menaxys reluctantly boarded the shuttle and between the two of you, you made a fumbling lift off and flew out of the cavern, hitting a dozen Tikiarri on the way. As you gained a bit of altitude, an autopilot kicked in and started boosting you for space.

The shuttle homed in on a small orbital space station orbiting Joralla. When you docked, no one came to meet you. You quickly determined that the station was open to space. Trailing a jerry-rigged power cord, OP-I and Menaxys (in an ill-fitting space suit) investigated the space station. You found that it was a small research station of the Genetech Corporation. It seemed they were experimenting with the Tikiarri and one got loose, murdering several of the crew before causing a catastrophic blown airlock through its own ignorance. Everyone on the station paid for its stupidity with their lives. From what you pieced together of the logs, it was the panic caused by the massacre of the research station on the planet that initially caused the opportunity for the Tikiarri in the first place.

OP-I restored the environmental integrity of the station after using the additional equipment of the station and a programmable maintenance bay to replace his power cell. Menaxys went through all of the crew’s possessions and maybe even some of the crew.

The Station’s communications were also thoroughly trashed. Attempting to fix it became OP-I’s task while Menaxys sat around, increasingly restless. OP-I has estimated that he will be able to fix the Comm “in another three standard hours.” twelve times now. Time is beginning to wear on Menaxys. He continually talks about going down to Joralla with the new axe OP-I built him and conquering the Tikiarri.

Adventure File: Convergence, Part 1

It is a time of chaos in the Galactic Civil war. Rebel Heroes Kendar and Kanda Farral, having escaped the designs of Crystal, Mistress of the Dark Side, and the brutal attacks of a new Rebel faction, hide on Celanon. Farral little suspects the Dark Seed that grows within Kendar.

Believing Farral dead, and Kendar to be an Imperial agent, Duke Storm and Rictor Sable have traveled to Celanon City. Their goal is to bring the defector to justice for his Imperial ties and the death of Kanda Farral.

The Rebels will soon discover the truth of their own hearts when they confront old friends and new allies on the streets of Celanon City…

Adventure File: The Treasure of Ord Lons Delta

The recently freed Tagen Sable persuades the heroes to go with him to the earthquake shattered world of rd lons Delta, where he'd pulled a bank job as the planet was falling apart. Tagen knows of a bank vault which would have been buried in the wreckage with a fortune inside.

Arriving at OLD, the Skystar is pursued by a flight of outdated T.I.E models and their base, a dilapidated Imperial bulk cruiser. Evading pursuit, the ship lands on the surface in the ruins of a once prosperous city. Tagen is certain he is able to reconstruct the approximate location of the bank. The heroes find that the atmosphere has become slightly toxic after the planetary cataclysm and that several animals have worked their way to the top of the food chain. The Imperials soon direct a force to pursue the group and skirmishes ensue. The group notices that for Imperials, they certainly seem raf-tag and undisciplined.

Tagen discovers that the area the bank inhabits has collapsed into the surface, which will require the group to do a lot of climbing down into a virtual labryinth of inverted rooms at crazy and unnatural angles. The heroes grimly proceed into the ground, reminding themselves of the possible riches below. They encounter the Imperials a few times along the way, separated by the bizzare geography of a collapsed city. Yawning chasms and collapsing floors add to their peril.

The group finally reaches the "floor" of the collapsed city. Tagen guides them to the area of the bank, where they are ambushed by an Abyssan. The abyssan seems to have adapted to living in the toxic environment through its regenerative abilities and it has been there a while- it was the muscle for the job that Tagen attempted to pull when the cataclysm occured! It has also gone quite mad and controls a large combat robot which used to guard the bank. A spectacular battle ensues with the Imperials arriving to add to the carnage. OPEI interfaces and turns the combat droid to his control, using it to destroy the Imperial forces. Unfortunately the droid perishes in a ball of flame, setting off an aftershock in the area and the entire environment starts to collpase bit by bit. The Abyssan escapes, leading the heroes on a merry chase through the ruins, using a few cases of credits as a diversion to make good the escape. Using the Abyssan's own crude transport winches, the heroes escape to the surface before being crushed under tonnes of rubble.

Clutching their cases of Imperial credits closely, the group returns to the abandoned mall where thye had hidden the Skystar. Imperials have found the ship and set themselves up around it. Upon seeing the heroes, they demand passage off-world. They wish to desert the Imperial forces. According to them, this posting is nothing but a dumping ground for the riffraff of the imperial forces. The want out. The heroes doubt that they can trust the Imps to keep their part of the deal. A grand firefight ensues with the group escaping aboard the Skystar.

Safely in another system, the heroes discover that their ill gotten gains amount to about 50,000 credits apiece. Tagen Sable suggests a stopover at a fringer facility known as the Belt....

Cut To: Back on OLD, deep underground, an Abyssan continues to hammer at a vast, impentrable vault tuned on its side. His days of work with crude tools show a few meagre scratches for his efforts. He continues anyway....

Adventure File: Lies

Colonel Lars Oweg, displaying an uncharacteristic compassion, slipped Rictor an intelligence holo which showed a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Tagen -at a slave market on the planet Grimbor.

Rictor and the group went AWOL to rescue Tagen. They traced him to an Imperial Aristocracy vaction world and the estate of the Sector Moff. Unfortunately, while Tagen was indeed held as a slave there, it was a trap set by the Dark Jedi Crystal. The group escaped with Tagen.
Adventure File: Clavell's Revenge
Adventure File: Starfighters Down
Adventure File: Oseon
Adventure File: The Wrath of Ploovo Two-For-One
Adventure File: The Graveyard of Alderaan
Adventure File: The Vengeance of the Past
Adventure File: Lars Oweg is Missing
Adventure File: The Cloak of Night

The second adventure of the campaign, Cloak introduces our villianess, Crystal, and a search for a lost Imperial cloaking device.

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Starship File: Joshua Quin's Cloakshape Fighter

Starship File: The Skystar

A modifed YT-1300 light freighter belonging to Rictor Sable. Dark green apinted, the group's ride.
Rowan, you can write this entry.
Starship File: The Wandering Star

A MC-80 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, the Wandering Star is the flagship of the Black Fleet. It serves as the heroes' base of operations, when they aren't AWOL or cut off from the fleet. The Star was badly damaged in the attack on a crippled SSD (Starfighters Down) and has only recently completed its repairs.

Another complication has been the dead bodies that occasionally turn up on the ship. The murderer hasn't been caught as of yet, but suspicion has fallen on Duke Storm in some peoples' minds. Duke was the person who found one of the bodies while on a maintenance detail.

Starship File: The Lord of Thunder

A Corellian Gunship attached to the Black Fleet. Commanded by the group in the Fleet's action against a SSD under repairs. (Starfighters Down) The Lord was heavily damaged and forced down on the planet's surface. The group obtained the parts needed by raiding an Imperial garrison on the planet's surface and ran the Imperial blockade to escape.

Starship File: The Gilded Lily

Crystal's ship
Character File: Lhoengrin & Travatia, Deposed Rulers of Ranroon
(The Wrath of Ploovo Two-For-One)

Villian File: The Qua

A crimelord hive-mind of six individual Billar, based in the Jerjerador Arcology. A competitor with the group in the race to find the missing Imperial cloaking device in The Cloak Of Night, they perished in an Imperial raid which the heroes barely escaped.

Villian File: Crystal
(The Cloak of Night) (Oseon) (Lies)(Convergence)
To quote Rowan, on occasions too numerous to mention, "Bitch!"

Wields an orange bladed lightsabre, has been known to conceal it up her sleeves. Her ship is a deep red converted pleasure yacht, the Gilded Lily. It has in the past used proton torpedoes and also uses a small blaster cannon in the nose. Mistress of Dark Side telekinesis, capable of truly awesome feats. Crystal favours deceptions and treachery above all else. Even her own minions may become the victims of her deceit, withess Nion, her "apprentice" encountered by Duke Storm on Oseon. He engaged Duke with a lightsabre, having been deceived that he could use the force and had been trained as a jedi. Duke easily defeated him. Perhaps in his last moments he realized how he had been lied to. Perhaps not.

Villian File: Furball

An utterly massive (8 ft tall) pitch-black Wookie. Henchman and pilot to Crystal. Fearless and brutal in Hand-to-hand combat and capable of using a bowcaster single-handed. First appears in The Cloak of Night, and later in Oseon.

Villian File: Clavell
(The Vengeance of the past) (Clavell's Revenge)
Psycho former bounty hunter. Wears a cuisinart on his left cybernetic arm. Thinks he and his priates are the true rebellion against the Empire (The Alliance is too soft, doesn't know what needs to be done). Owns a Dreadnaught cruiser (The Blade) and several Alliance fighters(1 X-wing, 2 A-Wings, 1 B-Wing, 3 Y-Wings) stolen from the Tieferon Rebel base (Clavell's Revenge) despite the group's best efforts. Responsible for the loss of Duke Storm's lightsabres when his men captured Duke. (He threw them out the hangar bay doors, and the entire plateau was leveled by the group setitng the base to self-destruct. if they're still there, they are buried under thousands of tons of rubble)

Villian File: Captain Feliks

(The Dark Moon) A fearsome heavily muscled brawler, the Captain was reputed among his own crew to be mad. Mad- but very effective if judged by Imperial standards. He suppressed the rebellion on the planet Doneval and even contracted to sell his Rebel prisoners to slavers to get rid of them for good. Unfortunately for him, his Escort Carrier was infitrated by the group and the prisoners set free. His last gambit of crashing the Carrier into the planet's capital failed when the character blew the ship up. Feliks met his end in a mano-a-mano brawl with Zeus on the buckling hangar deck of the ship prior to the explosion.

Villian File: NIL-8
(The Wrath of Ploovo Two-For-One)
An assassin droid working as Ploovo Two-For-One's head thug. NIL-8 claimed to have been human once and to that end, dressed itself in a loose robe and wore jewelry. The Droid had an obsession with inflicting the humiliation of slavery on sentients which it demonstrated on Kanda Farral when she was captured by it.

NIL-8 was rediuced to component parts by the deposed king of Ranroon at the guns of an Assault shuttle during the final defeat of Ploovo's forces by Jabba the Hutt.

Villian File: Ploovo Two-For-One
(The Wrath of Ploovo Two-For-One)
Dead, spaced by Rictor Sable.
Villian File: The Mechanoids

Appeared in The Vengeance of the Past, sealed in a planetary scale prison deep underground.
The mechanoids are a giant race of killer robots. The smallest model the heroes encountered was human sized, the largest was well over twenty feet tall, all armed to the teeth and posessing a fanatical hatred of organic life.

When the group was pursued into the planet depths by Clavell's pirates, the final comfrontation destroyed the prison's "warden" computer which activated the planetary self-destruct as a final solution to prevent the mechanoids' escape. The heroes did see a few mechanoids escape the planetary conflagration.

Character File: Walex Bissex

Dead, dead, dead (Oseon), and it's all the fault of Kendar and Rictor Sable. Not all NPCs have force points which enable them to jump through hurricanes of shattered glass, y'know.

Character File: Kimiri

Head Tech of the Rebel Black Fleet, Kimiri is a cheerful and gossipy Mon Calamari. Always surfing the probablity of demotion due to inattention to documentation and paperwork and excessive attention to practical jokes.

Character File: Tagen Sable

Rictor Sable's uncle, the original black sheep of the Sable Family a generation before Rictor took up the mantle. Thief, con-man, bank-robber, scavenger and occasionally legitimate businessman. First encountered in the campaign when Ploovo Two-For-One gloated to Rictor that he had sold Tagen into slavery to cover debts Ploovo believed he was owed. (The Wrath of Ploovo Two-For-One) Months later, Colonel Lars Oweg, displaying an uncharacteristic compassion, slipped Rictor an intelligence holo which showed a man bearing an uncanny resemblance to Tagen -at a slave market on the planet Grimbor. (Lies)

Rictor and the group went AWOL to rescue Tagen. They traced him to an Imperial Aristocracy vaction world and the estate of the Sector Moff. Unfortunately, while Tagen was indeed held as a slave there, it was a trap set by the Dark Jedi Crystal. The group escaped with Tagen.

Regaining some health, Tagen persuaded the group to embark on a hunt for a fortune he'd lost many years before- a sealed bank vault in the earthquake shattered ruins of Ord Lons Delta. (Treasure of Ord Lons Delta) After recovering a portion of the treasure, Tagen parted ways with the group at the fringer base known as the belt. (The Belt) He'd purchased himself a Kazelis class light freighter and taken off to the stars to savour his freedom.

Character File: Amber Cresson
(The Dark Moon)

Character File: Lootera
(Separate Paths)

Master of the Force and former Dark Jedi, Lootera is a mountainous lizard creature, a cross between a rancor, a dragon and a turtle. Duke Storm encounters Lootera when Crystal pushes him through the rip in the Force on the Imperial vacation world. The place Duke arrives in is a barren desolate world of water and trackless waste. Lootera saves Duke from drowning when the rip throws him out in the middle of a lake, a hundred feet down.

Lootera starts teaching Duke further in the ways of the Force, but refuses to discuss what planet they are on. Eventually Duke pieces out the puzzle. It isn't a matter of where, but when. Duke has ben throw into a future where he had turned to the Dark Side and terrorized the galaxy after defeating Crystal. Lootera had been one of his Dark apprentices who in the end betrayed him to redeem himself. The Dark Lord Storm had faced his final battle on this world and lost. Lootera stayed to atone and to await Duke's coming and teaching.

Yes, it made sense, I'm just not writing in all of the details right now.

After learning what lootera had to teach him, and determined to avoid his own dark fate, Duke found another rip in the Force to take him back to his own time. Lootera remained behind.
Character File: "Larceny" Larry
(Vengeance of the past) (Oseon) (Convergence)

Con-Man and scoundrel of epic, but cheerful, proportions, Larry was scamming his first million at the age of twelve. He's only gotten more ambitious since then. First encountered by the heroes when the Alliance captured him after his accidental run in with the Black Fleet in deep space. Larry offered to trade the location of a black market cache of goods and equipment in exchange for his freedom. The heroes were sent to retrieve the goods and grant Larry his fredom if everything checked out. (Vengeance of the past) While the cache existed, larry hadn't counted on a pirate group looking to take the cache themselves. This was the group's first encounter with the pirate, Clavell. Thanks his inability to stay in a pair of powerduffs, Larry helped the group escape and slipped away on his own.

Larry was next encountered by the group on Oseon, where he'd bought his way into the power structure there. He aided them by telling them where to find the engineer, Walex Blissex and ended up helping them escape (again) when everything went to hell due to Crystal's appearance.

Kendar recently encountered Larry on Celanon after escaping from Crystal's clutches. (Convergence) Believing the evidence that he'd seen that kendar was an Imperial agent, Larry wasn't terribly helpful until Kendar persuaded him of his innocence. Larry directed him to a cybernetic surgeon to get him new hands, and warned him about the dark deeds that the Rebellion had been committing in the sector.
Character File: Kanda Farral

(First Appears in The Cloak Of Night.)
Hero File: Zaala
(First Appears in Convergence)
Camaasi Jedi student. Peaceful amd meditative. Plain to a Caamasi, she is nonetheless striking with her imposing height and golden fur. Like all Caamasi, she has deep violent eyes and lighter violet highlights around her eyes and striping her face down her shoulders. She has only three fingers on each hand, and wears a simple kilt-like garment of rough, brown wool. Caamasi have a unique scent very appealing to humans – like nutmeg. They have very good hearing and an exceptional sense of smell.
Hero File: Kendar

Former miner and current dirty tricks specialist. Heavy weapons are his passion. Recently lost his hands in one of Crystal's diabolical traps. (A lightsaber that turned out to be a grenade which detonated when the activation stud was depressed. Now has cybernetic hands.) Force sensitive and now tainted by the Dark Side due to Crystal's manipulations. Also thought by many to be an Imperial agent, thanks again to Crystal's machinations.
Hero File: Rictor Sable

Male Alderaanian human smuggler. Pilot of the light freighter Skystar.
Hero File: Joshua Quin
(First appears in Convergence) Mercenary human fighter pilot.

Hero File: OPEI

A maintenance droid designed and built by Kanda Farral. OPEI is a boxlike droid equipped with repulsolifts, integral toolkits and a repeating blaster. The hodge-podge of parts which he was constructed from may have led to a very unstable personality taking hold. The droid definitely never got pacifism circuits as part of the package.
Hero File: Zeus

Human bounty hunter.

Hero File: Duke Storm

Former TIE fighter pilot and defector, Duke was partially trained in the Jedi arts before his Master's capture by the Empire.
Hero File: Menaxys

Ranat Psychopath, last seen by the group taking up residence on the savage planet of Joralla. Expected to either exterminate or completely dominate the psychopathic native bird-sentients, the tikiarri.

Occasional partner to Rictor Sable.

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Character File: Lars Oweg

Colonel Lars Oweg, head of the Alliance Special Ops division for the Black Fleet. The man who sent the heroes on mission after punishing mission, and when they messed up, didn't stint on the punishment.

Oweg was first encountered by the group when they intercepted a desperate Imperial message which reported Oweg's capture. The capture had led to the Imperial ship's crash on a world whose sun was soon to go nova. The heroes racing against time, found the Imperial team and engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in an abandoned Imperial garrison base. They recaptured Oweg and barely managed to escape the oncoming nova. (Lars Oweg is Missing)

A grim, humourless man.

Only Oweg wasn't what he appeared to be. A noted X-Wing pilot, Oweg's fighter was damaged on a raid against a communications array and Rictor Sable was sent to retreive him. Oweg stunned and captured Rictor Sable. Oweg revealed himself to be an Imperial double agent, whose real name was Major Bin Mokine. The Major had stolen his own X-Wing for a secret Imperial research facility in an asteroid belt. Mokine revealed himself to be a much livelier personality than his cover identity, displaying a gleefuly sadistic streak. Rictor Sable, prisoner at the same institution, escaped and stole back the X-Wing in order to escape. Mokine chased him through the asteroid field in a TIE x1 Advanced and engaged Sable in a dogfight in which he was killed.

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The Dark Moon Adventure Synopsis

Sent on a smuggling run to supply weapons to the Doneval rebellion, the group finds the rebellion nearly crushed by the imperial deployment of an Escort Carrier in orbit. Running the blockade to the surface, the heroes find the planetary Rebellion virtually crushed by the arrival of the Carrier. The Carrier's TIEs smashed the Rebel forces, and the Imperial Captain used his Naval Troopers to augment the Empire's ground troops. The Imperials Captain's methods resulted in the capture and dissapearance of large numbers of rebels. Only one Rebel remained who still posessed the fire to resist and act against the Empire. Amber Cresson had a plan, but no one who would implement it with her- until the heroes arrived. Oh- and there was also the small matter of Amber's discovering that the group's Bounty Hunter- Zeus, had been the one who had killed her brother a few years before......

Infiltrating Marduk, the planetary capital via a furious repulsorlift chase in the streets, the heroes entered the Imperial garrison through the sewers. Obtaining Imperial uniforms, they comandeered a regular shuttle flight up to the Carrier. The group would plant a bomb deep inside the Carrier's engines and destroy the core of the Imperial forces. Successfully planting the bomb and setting the timer, the heroes overheard the crew discussing the strange transport docked with the carrier- a slave transport which the Imperial Captain was selling his Alliance prisoners to. The group assaulted the transport and defeated the slavers in order to liberate the prisoners. The prisoners told the group that many more rebels were bieng kept in the carrier's brig facility- were the heroes to escape now, the remaining prisoners would be doomed to a fiery death in 5 minutes...4:59..4:58....

By this time, the alarm was raised aboard the Carrier. The liberated prisoners started to fight their way into the ship against the ship's security forces (hampered by many of their people having been deployed on the planet) while the heroes frantically fought their way back to the engines to defuse the bomb. With ZERO seconds left on the timer, F'Lar the demolitions expert defused the bomb.

The other liberated prisoners and the group freed the remaining captives from the brig and started to fihght their way to the bridge with the aim of capturing the ship as a whole. During the fighting, Amber was separated from the group. When it became obvious that the ship was in serious danger of being lost, Captain Feliks decided to turn the ship into a final weapon against the rebellious planet- he gave the order to set the Carrier on a collision course with the planetary capital of Marduk.

As it became clear to the heroes that they couldn't liberate the ship in time to stop its suicide run, the decision was made to destroy the ship after all. The group armed the bomb (again) while the freed prisoners started to grab escape pods. The group charged through the ship's innards, which were rapidly collapsing under the strain of reentry. In the hangar, the group liberated a Blastboat and made good their escape, except for Zeus, who stayed in the hangar for a final confrontation with the mad Imperial Captain Feliks in order to liberate the captive Amber. In an epic hand-to-hand battle, Zeus killed Feliks. Amber and Zeus escaped the callapsing hangar in Lambda shuttle, shearing off the wings in the process mere seconds before the final detonation of the bomb tore the ship into fragments.

In the aftermath, the Rebellion on Doneval took heart and rallied as the Imperial forces collapsed without their backbone. The Imperial Governor surrendered within hours and the Rebels gained control of the Imperial facilities. The group was awarded the Order of Free Doneval for their efforts. The new provisonal government made the decision to attempt a masqurade as a loyal Imperial planet in the meantime, using the captured Imperial resources.

Doneval (adventure: The Dark Moon)

An agricultural world which was in open rebellion against the Empire. With the heroes' help, the Imperials were overthrown and an independent gov't established, although they have tried to "pretend" to be a good little Imperial planet in the meanwhile, essentialy a lethal masquerade.

Notes: Rictor Sable acquired shields from a Blastboat here.
Zeus killed the mad Imperial Captain Feliks
Order of Doneval given to the heroes.
Donvevans captured a lot of Imperial equipment.
Many Imperials escaped into the hills
Adventure History

The Dark Moon
The Cloak of Night
Lars Oweg is Missing
Vengeance of the Past
Graveyard of Alderaan
The Wrath of Ploovo-Two-For-One
Starfighters Down
Clavell's Revenge
Treasure of Ord Lons Delta
The Belt
Seperate Paths
Convergence Part 2

Starts on Celanon with Rictor Sable, Zeus and Kendar raiding Swa'lah's warehouse. The players burn it down after killing the mercs guarding it. They steal a repulsortruck and fill it full of clothes and booze. They obtained the location that Farral and Zaala were taken to by interrogation of a Nalroni (Onal), who Sable let live.

At Tamala's residence, Farral opens the cuffs she and Zaala are wearing and sets about opening the blast door. She faints before completing the task. The Nalroni Saw'lah calls his goons to the residence and has them open the door before Farral closes it permanently. Zaala goes face to face with Tamala, killing him. Swa'lah hides. (and lives)

The other members of the group arrive at the scene. Kendar uses the repulsortruck as a battering ram to crush the Tarc and shoots the Gotal. Introductions are made and the group escapes, shooting down a police speeder on the way.

Using Zeus' information, the group departs Celanon in the Skystar to go to Joralla in order to use the medical facilities there. Upon arrival, they reunite with OP-I and place Farral in Bacta for a ten-hour wait. The group begins looting the station. Bounty includes 20 medpacs and a dozen blasters and the bacta, but not the bacta tank.

Elsewhere, a Genetech strike team has assembled to take the station back. Joshua Quinn is one of the pilots. The team knows about Zeus being there because of his parking the escape launch on Celanon. Their orders are to reclaim the station and kill any intruders.

When the team comes out of hyperspace, there are still 8 hours left for Farral to heal. The Genetech team opens fire. Kendar is outside in his power armour and shoots down two Zebra fighters. Duke Storm operates the main gun of the station and destroys the Genetech fighter carrier, receiving several hits back. Rictor and Zaala take the Skystar out and battle Grom the Gorvan Hornasi. Grom escapes after the transport is destroyed and Sable nearly pops him with a missile. Quinn attempts to disable the station's armament throughout the conflict and succeeds. When he goes to escape, he finds that debris has damaged his hyperdrive. Negotiations ensue between Quinn and the party. Quinn comes aboard under flag of truce. Discussions about Quinn joining the group ensue. He agrees to come on a trial basis. Farral emerges from the Bacta tank in one piece. Kendar withdraws to get drunk and escape from his dark issues. Quinn's conditions for joining include leaving the station as is for Genetech to recover. The party loads onto the two ships and leaves, destination unknown.

Adventure ends, awards are 14 skill points, all Force points returned.